DWELL COLLECTIVE is a group of artists formed to explore the power and potential of collaboration. We are thoughtful individual artists who coalesce around a recognition of shared energy. The group began in mid-2013 to paint live in partnership with musicial performances.

From this experience, the artists of Dwell recognized the potential in these endeavours and began plotting for a headquarters, a base of operations. No longer confined by a single event of shared art, Dwell is liberated to exploit the benefits of extended collaboration, and bring it’s fruitful results directly to the community.

To dwell is to do more than reside, it’s an acknowledgement of one’s sense of place, a belonging, a participation within an environment. Locating Dwell within downtown Staunton is a manifestation and deepening of a connection with the community in which we live. We look forward to sharing our vision, and providing a hub of creative energy.